Long Beach Water on old Main

Oct 27, 2013, 07:16 AM, United States

Residents at the corner of 5th and Maine woke up at 6:30pm to learn that they had no flushing toilets and no running faucets. An aging water main running in the alley between Maine and Golden and 6th and 5th had busted. There is a history of problems with this water main. In fact, the Long Beach Water Department official on the scene admitted that this particular water main breaks every other year and that the Department has plans to replace the entire pipe. The shortlink for this audioboo is http://bit.ly/1aq2M5b . The shortlink for an online album with images that go with this story is: http://bit.ly/16EeW8c #infrastructure #main #utilities #water #LBWater #downtownlb #LBWater #LBWater

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