Tackling Times Table

Nov 24, 2013, 01:15 PM

I remember that on my first day in a new school at age eight, there was a spelling test and a times table test. During the former, never really my strongest subject, I was kindly supported by the girl sat next to me who pointed at her answer for question five 'wur' after the teacher had asked for 'were'. The latter, the times table test, consisted of random facts from all the tables, including up to 12x12. Throughout this I had a tear in my eye as I realised that I knew nothing save 2x4 (I was 8 remember). From that point on I was determined to learn and remember my times tables. But what options do we have for supporting the children in the learning of these facts. Well this is what this week's waffle is all about. So mouths shut, number one to ten down the left hand side of your paper and we will begin!

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