The Unlived Life - Part II(ish)

Jan 05, 2014, 06:45 AM

Well, me and Hetty made it back from London, albeit via a circuitous route to Bristol. She wasn't successful with her audition, but I know she will come back stronger and fitter. In today's podcast/Boo I touch on the idea (again) of the person who lives inside of all us (Who am I? / Why am I here? / What's my purpose? type questions). I also talk about Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and quote from Rozanne Cash's memoir. The few words that I think are important: "...refine your skills to support your instincts." If you want to know about about this or how I can help then please reach out and message me or check out some of my other writing on Until tomorrow. #life #living #love #passion #professional I