Scenario # 1

Planning exercise

Jan 20, 2014, 07:13 PM
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kindlen - over 3 years ago

I am planning a party so I'm going to need to a place to hold the venue. Probably somebody's house. Party invitations for people to know where and when. Some materials I would need are music, so a loud stereo and a DJ to play the music. Also, I will need theresa and steff (my friends) to help me plan it. I would want ALOT of people there so its fun.


millerni - over 3 years ago

For this surprise party, the two most important things I need are a list of those who are coming, as well as a place big enough to have the party. For the party, I will need food, drinks, decorations, and some gift bags. I will need to plan for any accidents that may happen while at the party and I need to plan on cleaning up afterwards. Everyone can help by bringing some food. A select few people, such as my siblings, can help me pay for the party and the items needed. Because of the amount of people, it will be costly to provide for everyone by myself.


edwardsch - over 3 years ago

I will need to plan for who is coming/how many people are coming. I will need to plan out the event space, the weather, the day and time, catering, decorating, and clean up.
I will need either a professional planner or to assemble a decoration team. I will need tables, clothes, food, music, drinks, entertainment, chairs, balloons, and other decorations that pertain.


EthanDally - over 3 years ago

To plan a party we will need to find a place to have it, entertainment. Materials needed will be plastic products such as plates, cups, silverware,food drinks, and games.. I would need help from family member, and close friends that are willing to take on the challenge.


asemanik - over 3 years ago

For this event, we need to plan for how many people will attend so that we can accommodate for food needs and the proper size of venue. We also need to plan the activities that will occupy the attendees.

We will need food such as pizza and snacks such as chips, sodas, and other drinks. We will also need tables and chairs, and we will also need a source of entertainment.

We will need just a few people to keep it a surprise, but we need enough people to set up efficiently. If it will be held at a public location, we need to make sure that we communicate the logistics with the owners of the venue.

Josh & Kayvon


ardeliakrupkin - over 3 years ago

We will need to plan exactly where the party will happen, what the theme of it is, what food will be there, what music will be playing, the dress code, and who will be invited. We will need enough money to buy decorations and food/beverages. Also, we need a venue. We'll need party planners and people to pass the secret along without the surprisee knowing. Then we'll need to talk to the venue owner (if we end up using a venue).