Would an independent Scotland keep the pound?

Jan 29, 2014, 08:48 AM

The Bank of England governor will enter the Scottish independence debate by reflecting on the currency implications of a "Yes" vote in the referendum.

Gordon Macintyre-Kemp, chief executive of Business for Scotland, and Scotland’s shadow finance minister Iain Gray debate.

BBC Radio 4 Today

BBC Radio 4 Today

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DavidEF22DSA - over 3 years ago

i listened to the debate today on an independent Scotland being able to keep the UK pound as its currency. During the debate Gordon Macintyre-Kemp implied the former members of Czechoslovakia remain in a currency union. Unfortunately Iain Gray nor the BBC pointed out he was wrong on this point. The successor states have the Czech Koruna and the Slovak Koruna as their currencies and they are not traded at par even though an early unsuccesful attempt was made to keep them at par