Is climate change a factor in the recent extreme weather?

Feb 13, 2014, 08:32 AM

Sir Brian Hoskins, a member of the Committee on Climate Change, and Lord Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and founding chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, discuss the extent to which man-made climate change is a factor in the recent extreme weather.

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<user-5006573> - 4 months ago

Very nice


platycis - almost 4 years ago

If the best the climate change denial lobby can come up with is a date-expired politician who clearly does not really understand what he is talking about then it is the climate change denial lobby that is scraping the bottom of the barrel.


FutureGenerations - almost 4 years ago

I have complained to the BBC that its failure to challenge Nigel Lawson in Today's interview gives credibility to his discredited views which breaks the BBC's duty to "inform, educate and entertain" the public. Specifically, it contradicts the edict under the 2003 Communications Act of "facilitating civic understanding and fair and well- informed debate on news and current affairs"

If the aim of Today was to debate the science of climate change it was their duty to seek a credible scientist to counter Brian Hoskins' views. If they could not do so, they should have said there were none to be found and they scraped the bottom of the barrel and got Nigel Lawson.


selll - almost 4 years ago

The interviewer unfortunately fell into the "report the controversy" trap. Here's how it works: GWPF and others work up a fake controversy over the "pause" in global temperature change. (This in indeed a phenomenon which has competing scientific explanations, but not a reason to be complacent about global warming) and they shout, "report the controversy!"

What controversy? The one they created.


gogol - almost 4 years ago

I agree with the previous comments. Sir Brian stated that that ocean heat absorption was a measured fact. It was disgraceful that the presenter allowed

I agree with previous commenters . When Sir Brian stated that ocean heat absorption was a measured fact, it was disgraceful that Lawson was allowed to flatly contradict him as a last word, and that the presenter summed up by pretending that there was some doubt about the matter. The BBC must stop giving credance to denialists with this pretence of 'balance'.


jsharp - almost 4 years ago

Luddite Lord Lawson