The Way We Were - Sex Pistols & Me.

Oct 01, 2010, 07:04 PM, Hastings, East Sussex, England
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andymooseman - almost 7 years ago

@kenrg It sure was an exciting time & i'm so glad that i just at the right age to fully appreciate it & get involved, to some extent.
That book i read., did mention the LA scene & especially the Dead Kennedys. I still have the 45's of Holidays In Cambodia & California Uber Alles. Great songs.
You ought to do your own Boo of your memories. That's if it's not too dangerous? :)


andymooseman - almost 7 years ago

@coreymichaels The Ramones were certainly an influence on the Sex Pistols. I think that they are the two bands who really kicked it off.


kenrg - almost 7 years ago

It was an exciting time to be alive and listening to music. After most of the 70's were taken up by disco or factory produced slick rock, it was so refreshing to hear the Sex Pistols or (as Corey said) the Ramones. For me it was also the Dead Kennedys, X, and the Plimsouls. And it wasn't Liverpool, but it was Sunset Blvd, Hollywood; the Whiskey, the Roxy, and then down to the Troubadour. I probably shouldn't go any further without checking the statue of limitations on what happened next.


TheRantBlog - almost 7 years ago

The Gods of Punk Rock Music Love the sex pistols and as well the ramones