#ZoneOneDigest with Felix Ayee - The Best of ZoneOneRadio -- @z1radio @BronzeWhale @AdamWinkler

Feb 14, 2014, 04:22 PM, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Greater London, England

#ZoneOneDigest with Felix Ayee - The Best of ZoneOneRadio -- @z1radio

@senoritasonfire @BronzeWhale @AdamWinkler @_BrixtonMarket @mzdiverse01

Felix Ayee presents #ZoneOneDigest - the best of ZoneOneRadio.

On this week’s show:

  • Patricia and Manel from #LaNuevaArmada - our Spanish show - speak to Spanish temptresses “Senoritas on Fire”
  • Ioan Holland from #IntoTheMix - our remix show - speaks to Austin Texas remix outfit Bronze Whale
  • Zeff from #EmailFromAmerica talks gun law with UCLA’s Constitutional Law Professor Adam Winkler
  • Sheiila Smith from #CommunityProfile talks avocados at Brixton Market
  • Richie the Kid from #ZoneOneReggae talks to stand up comedian Mz Diverse
  • Tom Du Croz from #LondonGigGuide interviews Swedish songstress Elin Ivarsson - and Elin plays a live track in the studio.

Music this week from Bob Marley, Eddy Grant and John Holt

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Intro Baauer & RL Grime - Infinite Daps Interview: Zeff from #EmailFromAmerica talks to UCLA Constitutional Law Professor, Adam Winkler Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff Interview: Sheila Smith from #CommunityProfile at Brixton Market admiring Jeff’s Organics’ rather large avocados Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue 2001 Mix Interview and Live Track - Tom du Croz from #LondonGigGuide speeks to Elin Ivarsson who also performs live Elin Ivarsson - Leaving Song Interview: Richie The Kid from #ZoneOneReggae speaks to stand up comedienne Lorna Divine - also known as Mz Diversity Gyptian - Hold You Interview: Patricia and Manel from #LaNuevaArmada speaks to Natalia Vergara, from Senoritas on Fire. OneRepublic - Counting Stars Interview: Ioan Holland from #IntoTheMixspeaks to Bronze Whale. Adventure Club - Retro City (Bronze Whale Remix) John Holt - Help Me Make It Through The Night

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