Kenny and Cash show, Capital Radio, 26 Feb '74

Feb 22, 2014, 03:24 PM

It was 40 years ago! This is Kenny Everett and Dave Cash at the top of their game on the breakfast show, two days before the February '74 election. The Liberals are riding high, unlike British industry, on a three-day week - even the newspaper journos are talking about striking. Highlights are Stevie Wonder jingles for the station (he had recently visited Capital and loved it), and newsreader Graham Freer having his own jingle by Kenny Everett - and how many can say that? Reminds you how awful was the technical standard of UK phone lines in those days, but the content is sheer quality. There was no danger of me missing college as I always set my alarm to listen to the start of the show at 0630, which came crackling through the ionosphere to the midlands on AM. This is from a FM off-air recording, though, and carefully kept all these years. And now I share it with the world! Love it.