Family "cheated" of justice: illegal immigrant who killed pregnant woman is on day release 5 yrs on

Feb 26, 2014, 01:09 PM

The family of a heavily pregnant woman stabbed to death by her boyfriend, who was in Britain illegally, say it's wrong her killer is free to walk the streets 5 years on. Abi Ilumoka was stabbed to death in June 2008 by her then partner Benjamin Anabah. He's from Ghana and should not have been in this country. He admitted the manslaughter of the 40 year old and her unborn child and was detained indefinitely in a secure psychiatric hospital. Because he's not in jail he's allowed to apply for parole each year, regardless of how long he's served. He'll be freed when he's well again, and will then be deported. Abi's sister, Yemi Ilumoka says her family has been cheated by the justice system.