"Voices in my head" - an audio montage tribute to the people of Audioboo


Featuring the majority of the voices I follow on Audioboo (https://audioboo.fm/users/54367/following) who have booed within a month or so of last weekend (in roughly the order I followed them, with a few exceptions). None of these people endorse me or my boos in any way. Music is the enchanting 'An Eye For Optical Theory' by Michael Nyman. (thanks to the people who encouraged me to post this).

Mar 08, 2014, 12:38 PM
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DaylightGambler - about 3 years ago


TimmySimms - about 3 years ago

can i get a copy of the music you used in this?


denny1984 - about 3 years ago

Hi, that is really a great Recording. I think there are many users in Audioboo but it could be much much more. Talking is much better than writing. Greetings to you all from Germany!


Blakmountphoto - over 3 years ago

Fantastic a bit radio 4 but what a montage makes me want to record a boo


boydjane - over 3 years ago

Love it!!


alberth - over 3 years ago

Fantastic. What a great way to thank your community. Well done.