Statement Due On Highlands Nuclear Incident Cover-Up

Mar 10, 2014, 07:37 PM

Scottish Ministers are accusing the UK Government of covering-up radioactive contamination in the Highlands. The Environment Secretary's told MFR information about the leak at the Caithness plant was kept from residents. The Moray MSP is making a statement to Parliament today. Richard Lochhead says the nuclear test site at HMS Vulcan has been misleading. He told MFR: "Not only did it take the Ministry of Defence two years to inform the people of Scotland, the Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish Government about this; they actually told a local stakeholder community group in the area that there was little to report, when clearly there was plenty to report at one of the stakeholder meetings at the time when the facility had been shut down because of the incident. "There’s no doubt people can be forgiven for thinking there’s been a cover-up. It certainly seems that way to me. "This culture of secrecy in the MOD is getting deeper and deeper. They’re misleading the local community around Dounreay.” MFR understands Britain's Environment Secretary Owen Patterson's pulled out of a meeting at Holyrood tomorrow. Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead talks to our Political Editor Colin MacKay. #mfr #news #cover #holyrood #mod #radioactive #caithness #dounreay #scotland #highlands