Thar Talks: Improving Woman and Child Health Care

Mar 18, 2014, 10:48 AM

Rajasthan has consistently lagged behind on vital social development indicators. Woman and child health has been of great concern throughout the state. This podcast voices the problems of the people and also offers possible solutions. It includes conversations with government officials informing the community about available facilities, policies and plans. The women discuss their own grievances and experiences and are offered advice by the community members themselves. This was produced as a community radio programme. It was part of a CDKN and START funded research project, implemented by SEEDS and Unnati. A group of local adolescent girls developed radio programmes on climate change and disaster- related issues of Western Rajasthan. The programme covers the problems, local adaptation and risk reduction solutions, related government policies, expert interviews and some cultural entertainment. Such community radio programmes have had great success in helping experts and local communities exchange information and find solutions to local problems.