#20: Black Box Sell Signal, Money Flees Equity Funds, 140-year Cotton High, Obama's $250 Social Security Checks, iPhone Caster App

Oct 15, 2010, 11:17 PM
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muckdog - about 7 years ago

So, I used the iPhone app "Caster" to record and email the Boo to AudioBoo using BooMail. Thoughts... I've noticed that the Caster app sends the Ogg format file better than wav or m4a. At least one isn't double-speed. In addition, the Caster app doesn't seem to support voicing over a clip very well. I tried to insert an Outro, but then the voice audio went to just one speaker. Maybe I need to do something else within Caster. Stay tuned!

In addition, if you check the forum here at AudioBoo, you can see I asked about the next version of the iPhone app, what it will contain, and when it will be released. Go read! Kind of exciting, and hopefully I will be able to delete this clunky Caster app soon and just go with what the BooFolks have.... Cheers.