Radio Caroline North RSL Liverpool with Mally

I was on board and mooching around the Planet Lightship in the Albert Dock in Liverpool this morning (March 31st, 2014), as final preparations were underway for the month-long 'tribute' station to Radio Caroline North, broadcasting locally on 87.7FM and, with luck - and if the bit of wet string and two cans work - streaming worldwide at <>.

There are two studios on the ship, each having a very '60s control board but with a mixture of analogue and digital play-out kit, to enable everything from vinyl to CDs to Minidiscs to mp3/WAV files to be played.

There were quite a few punters about. This was one! Mally is a Liverpool character, who runs sightseeing tours.

For anyone with a technical interest this was recorded on my iPhone 5 using a Sennheiser MD 46 reporter's mic', with the XLR lead plugged into an i-Rig, which gives you 48V phantom power, separate recording level control and headphone socket. I could have uploaded this straight onto Audioboo but I wasn't against a tight deadline, so I uploaded into my Dropbox and then did some basic 'topping and taking' editing and Normalizing in Adobe Audition CS6. Well, you did ask - didn't you?

Mar 31, 2014, 04:17 PM
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