#ZoneOneDigest with Felix Ayee - Heavenly Bodies

Apr 11, 2014, 01:58 PM, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Felix presents #ZoneOneDigest the best of #ZoneOneRadio.

Coming up this week:

  • Susan from #Souled talks to Scott Innes
  • Sheila from #ComunityProfile goes star gazing
  • Peter and Ethan from #SportZone meet Olympic gold medalist Andy Trigg Hodge

All this and more in this weeks #ZoneoneDigest

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AC/DC - Back in Black #EmailFromAmerica: Zeff speaks to Special Correspondent Cameron Farah at South by South West The Supremes - Stop in the Name of Love #CommunityProfile: Sheila Smith heads to Regents Park to meet The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers Madonna - Lucky Star #SportZone: Peter Zampa and Ethan Leavitt speak to double Olympic gold medalist Andy Triggs Hodge. The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat #Souled: Susan speaks to soulful singer-songrwiter Scott Innes Scott Innes - Lay it Down #LondonGigGuide: Tom Du Croz talks to regular contributor Ian Bennett who introduces us to Russell Joslin Live Track: Russell Joslin - Pittsburgh It Is Outro Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think

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