Teaching descriptive writing

Apr 13, 2014, 10:32 AM

I while ago I waffled about why I had made the move to higher education and mentioned a session I gave about planning a literacy unit from a book. This was not my first expedition into the realm of literacy, I had, as you can imagine, taught it for some time before this. However, it was when I was participating in the Thursday evening UKedchat and after reading a blog post from Mr. P's blog on using augmented reality, that the enthusiasm for teaching creative writing came back to me . I must say at this point, that the techniques I am going to mention are not purely my own creation, but ones I have collected and subsequently used after being on courses observing lessons. The complete transcript and links can be found by following the link to my Wilson Waffling blog below.Remember keep up to date with my waffles by subscribing to; Twitter- http://goo.gl/FcZaz Blog - http://goo.gl/IRne5D Youtube - http://goo.gl/ssxQNw Facebook - http://goo.gl/lDp6B Podcasts - http://goo.gl/NeEWjF Have fun and catch you later!