Me on Radio Caroline North, April 13


This is a 'scoped' version of an hour-long show from the Planet Lightship, anchored at the Canning Dock, Liverpool. Part of a month-long Restricted Service Licence (RSL) station, to commemorate the original offshore station which began broadcasting in 1964. My tribute to the Emperor Rosko begins at 08'30"! The pic is a screengrab from the webcam during the show, thanks to Nigel Carr for that! The station runs until April 27 on 87.7FM in Liverpool/Wirral area, and online at <> I captured this audio on my iPhone using the record function on TuneIn Pro. That probably works best on Smartphones, etc., although you need to manually input the webstream address. Details are on the website. Happy listening!

Apr 14, 2014, 12:44 PM
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