Chocolate, Chickens and Sheep in the Bolivian rainforest

Apr 17, 2014, 12:48 PM, Yacuma, Beni Department, Bolivia

This Easter, we hear from two Christian Aid staff members who went to visit our partner, CIPCA, last year. CIPCA work with indigenous communities in the Bolivian rainforest helping them to earn a secure income, to produce more food and also to protect the land they live on. Part of Christian Aid’s support has enabled CIPCA to build a chocolate processing factory in the rainforest allowing cocoa growers to transform their beans into more valuable chocolate bars. CIPCA also provide families or groups of families with different types of small animals like sheep and hens which have adapted to thrive in the rainforest environment providing them with an extra source of protein and income. #chocolate #Easter #chicks #sheep #Bolivia

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