The Grill Team Marto, Michelle and Ed Kavalee 22/04/2014

Apr 22, 2014, 02:29 AM

Wheel Grabs & Dusting of testicles. Dave Taylor update. Over-endowed mannequins at DFO. Rabs wants to be on The Voice . Streets are a Game in Indooroopilly. Horse sperm. Baby George would love the Cash Cow. David Middleton on ref mistakes. Marto's Royal update Game of Thrones. Marto's Benji Marshall scoop Pistorius Acting Lessons. Gordie Tallis re: squirrel grips & Benji Marshall. Marto climbing fence at Blues & Roots Festival. Prince George - Why isn't Harry losing his hair? #grillteam #edkavalee #triplem #gordentallis #royaltour #pistorius