0008 Flying Cannolis


This is Randi Hacker with another Postcard from Abroad from the KU Centers for East Asian Studies and Global and International Studies.

Here in Italy, amateur scientists launched the Sicilian Space Program by sending a cannoli – you heard that right, a cannoli – into space. Their goal in launching a traditional Sicilian cream-filled pastry into the stratosphere? To bring whimsy and pride to Sicily, which gets bad press thanks to organized crime, debt and unemployment. Before you go all People for the Ethical Treatment of Pastries on us – it wasn’t a real cannoli. It was a clay replica. It traveled two hours, reached 97,000 feet and survived very cold temperatures. Onboard cameras captured the cannoli in space, with fluffy, white clouds, blue sky and green earth in the background. The result is a beautiful video of the cannoli’s extraterrestrial adventure whose purpose is to make people smile. It’s a sweet story, isn’t it?

With thanks to Jennifer Duhamel for this text, from the KU Center for East Asian Studies, this is Randi Hacker. Wish you were here.

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Apr 22, 2014, 07:07 PM
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