Possible Plenaries

May 04, 2014, 10:32 AM

One part of the mathematics lesson that always seem to disappear as the lesson comes to the end, is the plenary. The plenary is an important ‘end of the lesson’ moment, where it is possible to both peer,self and teacher assess if the pupils have made progress. In today’s waffle I thought I would give you some ideas that I have used in the past to engage the pupils in the plenary. The complete transcript and links can be found by following the link to my Wilson Waffling blog below. Remember keep up to date with my waffles by subscribing to; Twitter- http://goo.gl/FcZaz Blog - http://goo.gl/IRne5D Youtube - http://goo.gl/ssxQNw Facebook - http://goo.gl/lDp6B Podcasts - http://goo.gl/NeEWjF Have fun and catch you later!