Christian Aid Week 2014: South Sudan

May 06, 2014, 11:20 AM, Unity, South Sudan

‘We can now live together safely and this brings my children courage and hope. This is so important to us so that we can now begin to forget.’ In this podcast we hear the story of Anoon Aleu, who returned to South Sudan to build a better life for her family and to rebuild her country following independence in 2011. She feared for her children’s safety and wanted a life of freedom for them in their homeland. Anoon and her husband, Madut, have built a new home, with a cash grant received from Christian Aid partner HARD. Anoon sees this new house as a symbol of hope bringing together her family safely under one roof. Christian Aid's partners in South Sudan are working with families like Anoon's to provide long term development solutions, whilst also responding to the current escalation in violence and the crisis facing many of those displaced from their homes.

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