Radio Caroline North RSL - memories and tributes.

May 11, 2014, 04:08 PM

Here's some more audio from the Restricted Service Licence 'tribute' station to Radio Caroline North, which broadcast last month from the former Planet Lightship, moored in Liverpool. From the top: you can hear me on Easter Saturday, talking to Alan 'Neddy' Turner about how the original Radio Caroline ship became Radio Caroline North in the summer of '64. Then there's a (poor quality, normal device failed!) of me intro'ing Tony Prince on Easter Sunday. Then yer Royal Ruler himself with a tribute to legendary Caroline North DJ Daffy Don Allen, then fellow 'North' DJ Bob Stewart talking from his home in Dallas, and finally Tony talking to former R Luxembourg manager Mike Knight, who visited the Lightship during Tony's show. Music edited for copyright reasons and to fit into the podcast limit!