Radio Caroline North RSL - memories and tributes.

Here's some more audio from the Restricted Service Licence 'tribute' station to Radio Caroline North, which broadcast last month from the former Planet Lightship, moored in Liverpool. From the top: you can hear me on Easter Saturday, talking to Alan 'Neddy' Turner about how the original Radio Caroline ship became Radio Caroline North in the summer of '64. Then there's a (poor quality, normal device failed!) of me intro'ing Tony Prince on Easter Sunday. Then yer Royal Ruler himself with a tribute to legendary Caroline North DJ Daffy Don Allen, then fellow 'North' DJ Bob Stewart talking from his home in Dallas, and finally Tony talking to former R Luxembourg manager Mike Knight, who visited the Lightship during Tony's show. Music edited for copyright reasons and to fit into the podcast limit!

May 11, 2014, 04:08 PM
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