Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo?, By Emma Chichester Clark, Read by Joanna Lumley

May 16, 2014, 02:19 PM

Lily loves Blue Kangaroo, but sometimes he disappears and Lily says, “Where are you, Blue Kangaroo?” And Blue Kangaroo waits for Lily to find him…

For the very first time on audio along with the beautiful illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark and read by the wonderfully warming voice of Joanna Lumley.

READ BY JOANNA LUMLEY. When Lily goes to the park, she has a great time, but forgets to hold on tight to Blue Kangaroo and nearly loses him.

And when Lily goes shopping with Aunt Jemima, she leaves poor Blue Kangaroo on the bus! Luckily he is returned to her, but by now Blue Kangaroo is feeling very anxious.

Then one day, Lily goes to the zoo with Uncle George and again Blue Kangaroo is nearly lost, but the trip gives him an idea that will mean he never be lost again.

But where, oh where is Blue Kangaroo the very next morning?

AGE 2-6

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