Blair: UKIP 'unpleasant and nasty'


Former Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks to James Naughtie about the UK's involvement in the EU.

BBC Radio 4 Today

BBC Radio 4 Today

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May 27, 2014, 07:30 AM
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Stratguitarman - over 3 years ago

Free movement of labour ISN'T working there's ONE Europe and they're ALL targetting the UK and unless we can bill their country of origin for the cost of benefits, healthcare, overcrowding and abuse of law we should close our borders or destroy quality of life for our citizens and bankrupt our economy!


stevebristow - over 3 years ago

This is water under the bridge. The issue is now (as it has been for nearly three decades) one of reforming the sclerotic and often self-regarding institutions of the EU. Blair might stand a better chance of mobilising pro-reform sentiments which are to be found in both the "old" and the "new" member states than many others. My point, however, was to wonder whether this interview was a deliberate pitch for support in the difficult choices which lie ahead.


Bodkinn - over 3 years ago

Tony Blair is a well-known for his support of the EU and he is a federalist. One of the few things we have to be massively thankful to Gordon Brown for is the fact that he stopped Blair taking us into the euro. I think we can expect that any party whose raison d'être is to get us out of Europe will be ‘unpleasant and nasty’ to Mr Blair. It would be interesting to know if Blair has read any of UKIP’s literature: don’t bother asking him as he is also well known for his lack of honesty.


stevebristow - over 3 years ago

Back from the wilderness! How refreshing to hear Tony Blair reassert his earlier European commitment so fluently. Is this the start of his campaign for the Presidency of the European Council?