Dementia sufferers 'increasingly seen as normal'


John Humphrys meets people suffering from early-stage dementia.

Warning: Contains strong language

BBC Radio 4 Today

BBC Radio 4 Today

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May 29, 2014, 07:02 AM
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tandcfoundation - over 3 years ago

We are working with local partners (Alzheimers / Age Uk / NHS / local authorities)on attempting to create more awareness and increase diagnosis rates. We are offering free awareness courses for front line customer facing staff in banks / retail / restaurants. When an organisation has trained three quarters of their staff they receive a small elephant - which is symbolic of our project which is called CONNECT and because dementia is often 'the elephant in the room' and because connections are key to improving both care and understanding. The online peer to peer support via the Alzheimers Society is definately something you need to flag in any future reports - as its a lifeline to many.


Yanni66 - over 3 years ago

As the carer for someone with dementia I found this interview totally unrealistic. Initially sufferers can converse normally but behaviour and ability do deteriorate and carers have a higher rate of physical and mental health problems that in comparable groups in the community. Your interview gave absolutely no idea of what caring for someone with dementia is like, nor how the sufferer deteriorate to the point where they are doubly incontinent, do not recognise family members and are unable to be left for more than a few minutes at a time.