Inspired by technology

Jun 08, 2014, 10:14 AM

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Higher York e-learning Conference 2014 which was entitled -”Enhancing the student experience through flexible learning solutions”. Being a practitioner in higher education and a definite techie geek, I was really looking forward to a conference that linked technology to enhancing the student experience. The day consisted of key notes and workshops and I came away from the conference with a lot of new ideas and being inspired to use technology to, hopefully, continue to work on improving the student experience within my modules. There were, however, some discussion points that I wanted to waffle about so this week it is something a little bit different…but still a waffle. The complete transcript and links can be found by following the link to my Wilson Waffling blog below. Remember keep up to date with my waffles by subscribing to; Twitter- Blog - Youtube - Facebook - Podcasts - Have fun and catch you later!