Lizard Brain is Behind the Wheel


Do you have lizard brain behind the wheel? Scared? Fearful? Angry? Defensive? This podcast addresses our survival instinct we may have while driving and how we can evolve beyond a scared reptile into a calm, kind and compassionate traveler. Know the warning signs of lizard brain driving:

Feeling a lack of control



Feeling trapped or powerless

Feeling suppressed

Outbursts of anger like shouting, cursing

Using your car like a shell or shield for protection

Using your car as a weapon or threat

Identify with your car as an extension of you

You are not your car; this is not your hermit shell that needs protection. Do you want to defend your car and your opinion or do you want to feel peaceful and calm in this moment? Remember you are not your story, your feelings, emotions, thoughts or possessions. You are something much bigger than that. Your co-pilot is calm.

Jul 06, 2013, 06:10 AM
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