#audiomo day 21: My reflections on the 10in10

Jun 25, 2014, 01:33 PM, Silloth, Cumbria, United Kingdom

On 21st June, team 'Social Hiking' took part in the 10 in 10 challenge – hiking 10 peaks in the Lake District in 10 hours (or 5 peaks in 5 hours) in aid of MS Society.

The team conssisted of: Phil (@DaylightGambler), Rich (@FlintyRich), Gina (@CumbrianBlondie), Dave (@Kendalskintcake), Rik (@richardhubbuck), Andy (@mixedupmessedup), Paul (@prb43), Sian (@MrsSianB), Kate (@divescidiva), Adrian (@turbostream), Gary (@Northlakesuk), Matthew (@hillplodder), Paul (@paulgbuck), Shaun (@shaunbades), Tim (@ukjeeper), Nick (@nickhood4), Cath (@wellycath), Karen (@kwheatman), Rose (@rucksackrose), Dean (@dean_read), Pete (@NaturistAthiest) and Mark (@hendry670)

clip location map