Amartya Sen on new Indian PM Modi

Jul 01, 2014, 01:07 PM

Economic revival was a key plank of Narendra Modi's recent successful Indian election campaign. As Prime Minister, he now has to fulfil Indian expectations, that his government can replicate the growth and prosperity, the western state of Gujarat enjoyed, when he was chief minister there -- what's come to be known as the Gujarat model. Among the achievements Mr Modi is credited with is more effective governance -- breaking through #India's notorious bureaucracy. But his critics say, that success in Gujarat, didn't include everyone - especially the poorest and minorities.

The Indian economist and nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, has long championed the cause of fighting inequality and improving basic social provision, like health care and education. He's also been an outspoken critic of Narendra Modi. I met Professor Sen at Asia House in London and I asked him if improving governance, championed by the new BJP government - isn't critical in battling inequality.