Out of Water

Dec 03, 2010, 06:54 AM, Cashel, Munster, Ireland
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topgold - almost 7 years ago

We've a decent house but like hundreds others built in the Irish boom days, it had no real quality control at various phases of its construction. Consequently we have a main water supply line that's buried only four inches deep. It freezes after three consecutive nights below minus two Centrigrade.


sm2n - almost 7 years ago

You make Ireland sound like it's so backward. Did you just buy the wrong house?


FiremanRich - almost 7 years ago

Hang in there Bernie, I'm sure it's a supply issue. Enjoy listening to your insight sir on the audioboos. Oh, you sound better on this boo then the last so a example of things getting better though slow.


llanover - almost 7 years ago

We are encouraged in Australia to to put rain water tanks on our homes (mainly because of the drought years) Glad we have as when we have no power (frequent in outback) we have no water (pump stops) so generator is used. House built to transfer over to generator and sooo pleased it is. Hope your situation improves for you very soon.


markrock - almost 7 years ago

Love the Irish inflections in this. You're going Irish! We've also not had heating at home for 21 days now. But I think I'd rather have water than heating.