The Media Podcast #1: BBC News Cuts, Freeview Connect

Jul 15, 2014, 01:14 PM

Gossip and news from media insiders, this week featuring Stephen 'Stig' Abell, managing editor of The Sun and Paul Robinson, chief executive of the Radio Academy.

Broadcaster and columnist Olly Mann sits in the presenting chair for the first edition of The Media Podcast, where we discuss the week's top stories, including:

  • yet more cuts to staff at the BBC, this time in news and radio. How will it affect output at the Corporation?
  • terrestrial broadcasters announce Freeview Connect, but what is it? And why don't they want to talk about YouView?
  • eBay say that sponsored search is useless - is this the beginning of the end for Google? (SPOILER - no)

Plus there's TV ratings talk, another Local TV station launches and someone wins a Creme Egg.

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