Episode 23: The Iron Lady

Jul 19, 2014, 03:57 PM

This week, Sarah is joined by Emma Wight-Boycott (@EmmaNutrition), a nutritionist and spokesperson for Spatone, the company providing Sarah with iron supplements. We talk about the role of iron in the body, as well as nutrition in general. Sarah learns that there are better things to be eating than Mars bars in her bid to put on fat reserves for the row. We were surprised at podcast HQ by a generous gift by @StanleyBrand of a clutch of Classic One Hand Vacuum Mugs. Three of these will be up for grabs for listeners in the weeks ahead. Emma mentioned a link in the conversation for you to find out more about iron deficiency: http://emmanutrition.com/free-stuff/ You can also find out more about Spatone at http://www.spatone.co.uk. #sarahweldon #oceansproject #iron #spatone #emmawightboycott #emmanutrition #greatbritishvikingrow #coconutmilk #food #nutrition #sport #rowing #oceanrowing