Episode 75 - An Interview with Sir Luke Thompson (part 1)

Jul 29, 2014, 09:21 PM

This is by far the greatest moment for this podcast so far. For this interview I travelled to Great Britain to meet up with Luke Thompson, a stand-up comedian, English teacher and most importantly the person who made Luke’s English Podcast – the best English podcast for English learners on the internet. Just to remind everyone, he also happens to be the reason I started doing my own podcast. This is the first part of a three-part interview with him. The whole interview was recorded in St. James’s Park in London. How does it feel to meet your idol? How badly can it affect your English? How and why did I come across Luke’s English Podcast and which was the first episode I heard? Which specific TV series do we talk about? How should language teachers teach today? How does Luke do the impression of the announcer that I recorded on a ferry? Who was the first weird character Luke and I saw in the park during recording this interview and what was he doing? If you wish like to hear Luke at his best and know the answers to the questions above, don’t hesitate and press the play button. Note that the whole episode is unedited and I published it as it was originally recorded.