More than 2500 dead from Ebola - Sierra Leone prepares for Shutdown

Sep 17, 2014, 02:49 PM

A global coalition to tackle a crisis which risks turning into a global human catastrophe: that was the UN's announcement on Tuesday 16th September, The number of people killed by the current Ebola virus has passed 2500. Officials at the World Health Organisation talk of the virus potentially affecting tens of thousands - and current figures point to one in two of those infected, dying from Ebola. This is one enemy where the US is committing boots on the ground - 3,000 troops to fly to Liberia, setting up treatment centres, a military command HQ, and the provision of training for thousands of healthworkers.

Dr Oliver Johnson is a British doctor with Kings Sierra Leone Project currently treating patients with Ebola . He says the capital Freetown is rapidly becoming a hot spot for the disease. He has been sending us his audio diary of what it's like on the front line tackling the epidemic.