Punk and Politics 2014 Show Reel

Oct 10, 2014, 01:59 PM

Punk and Politics is the University of Westminster’s most prominent journalism brand. The weekly live show holds the Student Union to account, digests campus politics and finds the student angle in stories. The show was born out of students expressing their frustration that they didn’t know how to understand politics, but found its feet by establishing itself as a Student Union watchdog that both celebrated student success and exposed wrong doing.

This show will be remembered this year for leading the way in normalising the entire radio station’s brand as the core way to hold the student union to account. Whether because union staff members said our on air hustings had become an essential part of the election campaign, or their insistence that despite making their job difficult, the show’s work is vital to make the institution better; informing the Westminster experience is our legacy.

Picture is of our lead news piece of Dr Sheik Al-Haddad the Islamic preacher who has written articles like 'The Scourge of Homosexuality' and in YouTube videos defended men beating their wives, who was given permission to speak at the University of Westminster. The story was covered by the Times after being broke live on our show on Smoke Radio.

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