Tech Tent 39: Squeeze on Samsung

Oct 10, 2014, 03:59 PM

Can Samsung bounce back from its shocking profit warning this week? We hear what an institution the company is in its home country, and why its electronics division is facing problems.

The US military has been recruiting gamers to become combat drone pilots. We speak to the Oslo-based documentary film-maker Tonje Hessen Schei who interviewed some of those recruits for her new film "Drone".

The head of Europol's Cyber Crime Centre tells us how only a handful of rogue programmers are behind most of the world's cyberattacks.

And is the importance of sound effects in videogames overlooked?

Broadcast live from the UK's Technopop science and technology festival in East London. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with Dave Lee and Jane Wakefield from the BBC online technology desk, and special guest Paul McKnight from Vex Robotics.