A Mexican Walks Into A Coffee Shop

Oct 15, 2014, 02:29 PM

I got the urge to be a little silly on my way to work today. Listen as I turn on my recorder, walk into Robins Donuts and buy a cup of Joe as a Mexican. "What do you mean those beans aren't from Mexico."

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alberth - about 3 years ago

Thanks for listening fellas.


rayga - about 3 years ago

Excellent! You made my day. I needed the laughter. Well done!


vipodcasting - about 3 years ago

I absolutely loved this Boo. That lady had the best laugh I have heard in a long time and she played along so very well... Tell her she has a fan in the UK next time you go in there! :)


JeffThompson - about 3 years ago

"Chow baby! Chow Baby!"