Are more Europeans volunteering to become Jihadist militants?

Oct 17, 2014, 10:59 AM

So we are all advised to expect a long, drawn-out mission to deal with #IS - and to restore civilised order to Iraq - and in due course, possibly, #Syria. But #Islamic State has shown it is not a movement given to sitting around and waiting for others to act. As France, Britain and the US has already learned, IS is ready to capture and behead individuals they manage to seize in the region. What's more, as the EU's chief counter-terrorism official today spoke of an unprecedented number of volunteers making their way from Europe to join up with jihadist militants, there are also signs radical Islamists will act inside Europe's borders - indeed within any country which has signed up to the coalition against it. Martin Chulov is a Guardian correspondent, who has covered the Syrian conflict extensively and is now based in #Beirut.