Lazarus: Hip-Hop Made Me Comfortable With My Own Pain

Oct 20, 2014, 08:44 PM

Lazarus is a Rapper and a Doctor who has received a standing ovation from Russell Simmons. He joined Tim on The Library to discuss his career thus far, the obstacles he's faced and much more. So, what got this United Healthcare Physician in hip-hop culture and rap music? Lazarus told Tim "I kind of listened to hip-hop as an outlet for myself. I felt like it was the only form of expression that I could listen to...that I could actually take any kind of pain that I went through in my own life and translate it into some euphoric experience where I could actually feel like "you know what? There are people going through pain in their life right now and I can hear it in that. And it just made me comfortable just with my own pain.

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