Vocal Chords: Polina Shepherd's Singing Workshop

Oct 31, 2014, 05:06 PM

Polina Shepherd is a stunning Yiddish and Russian singer/performer. http://www.polinashepherd.co.uk/choirs/

Polina is also the choir leader of the award-winning Russian Choir, Brighton & Hove since 2007 and The London Yiddish Choir and The London Russian Choir since 2013. Polina plays piano and also teaches workshops in Russian and Yiddish singing and songs. Our Vocal Chords producer Robert Hope met her recently during one of those sessions which will feature in our forthcoming series Vocal Chords for RTE Lyric fm but meanwhile here is an exclusive sample from inside one of her private workshops. Have a listen and share.

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Transcript: 00:00 Polina Shepherd: Now. There are five verses to this song, it’s quite a long song but the melody is absolutely beautiful. So before we look at our sheets.. put them away. And I’ll teach you the tune. piano notes and Polina quickly sings scale to herself Before we look at the text.. Piano starts. .. let’s learn the tune, it goes like this. 00:28 Begins to sing the tune of the song and the class start to join in. Together! everyone repeats what she sang Sings the tune of the next part of the song, some of the class join her I ask you to.. actually listen to my phrase, then sing it again.. second phrase, repeats second phrase 01:06 Now. Entire class repeats what she sang And listen.. Sings tune of third phrase, entire class imitates her. Sings tune of fourth phrase, entire class imitates her. Repeats the phrase and the class imitate her. 02:10 Sound gradually fades. 02:13


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