Episode 3 - Danko Jones

Nov 26, 2014, 08:24 AM

This week on Turned Out A Punk, Damian invites his good friend Danko Jones over for a chat. Sit back as the two discuss Danko’s weird voyage; from touring with Bratmobile, to touring with Nickelback…

Also covered in the episode:

  • The transitioning from metal to punk via crossover

  • Getting into punk through record stores

  • The epiphany that is, hearing the Bad Brains for the 1st time

  • Community radio: gateway to subculture

  • Jill Heath former Black Flag roadie turned tai chi wielding superhero

  • The "asshole record store clerk" as cultural guardian

  • Clash vs. the Sex Pistols (again)

  • Toronto two-piece geniuses Leather Uppers

  • The letter of recommendation that punk can be

  • Being the hippest Toronto band

  • Meeting kindred spirits in The Make Up

  • Being a DC Hardcore band

  • Shitting in Guy from Fugazi's house.

  • The “What would Ian do?” guilt (again)

  • Cool is cool!

  • Danko losing respect for Damian over his not liking of Fugazi