Vocal Chords: Cenestra Male Choir

Nov 26, 2014, 12:24 PM

The South African CENESTRA Male Choir was established in 1992 following a motivation by members of the CWMBACH Male Choir (Aberdare, Wales) at the 35th Cork International Festival in 1988 . Relations with the Welsh choir are still strong to this day, and our Vocal Chords recordist, Michael Gallen met the CENESTRA Male Choir during one of their visits to Wales where they perform with the Aberdare choir. CENESTRA is an acronym for Central East Rand, an area within the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan covering the four townships of Tsakane, Wattville, Daveyton and Kwa-Thema where the choir membership live. Performance highlights of the CENESTRA Male Choir include a guest appearance at the Bravo Three Tenors Concert at the Union Buildings in 1999, and at the Ihlombe SA Choral Festival organized by Classical Movements Inc. in 2009-2010. In the period 2005-2010 CENESTRA was ranked 14th – 16th in the Musica Mundi Top 50 Male Choir World List. Both South African and Welsh choirs have a longstanding history together and you will hear more about the connection in the series on RTE Lyric fm, but for now here's an exclusive clip of the CENESTRA male choir singing live as part of their joint concert with the CWMBACH male choir at the Coliseum, Aberdare.

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Photo Credit: CENESTRA Male Choir and CWMBACH Male Choir