Such A Heartbreaking Call: The Man Too Poor To Eat


When James O'Brien was speaking about foodbanks, Mike called LBC to say that he was living on just a tin of spaghetti a day since being made redundant.

Dec 08, 2014, 11:30 AM
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MacondaMusicUk - over 2 years ago

It is really heartbreaking to listen to this...poor man.....


hatters82 - almost 3 years ago

I can only imagine how bad this guy will feel at xmas alone.. No one should be alone at xmas hell come to my house for xmas dinner bud.


hatters82 - almost 3 years ago

ok im going to curse a bit and I do apologise but this has really pissed me off!.Now people who cry and put on sob story on benefits do not phase me but this guy is the first who has made me feel really shitty at how bad he is suffering {genuine or not he sounds legit}. Now what is pissing me off the most is the society we live in now which is fucking enraging me the fact there is scum bags criminals smack heads and alckies who sit around destroying themselves on money we give them and they get by because the benefits agency will feed there habbit by giving them extra money on daily basis so they don't steal or commit crimes. Stop there money let them suffer and give people like this guy the extra money.


buddhamagnet - almost 3 years ago

Please can you let me know how I can contact this man I feel sick and ashamed to my stomach.


Dope - almost 3 years ago

This man is welcome to my house anytime for some food and a chat I might not have much but i will be glad to share. How can he be contacted??