Episode 5 - Gerard Cosloy (Matador Records)

Dec 10, 2014, 05:55 AM

Join in this week as Damian chats with his friend and “record-puter-outer”; Matador Records boss, Gerard Cosloy. The two discuss Gerard's adolescents in the nascent days of Boston punk, and hardcore.

Also covered in this episode: -The Dead Kennedys bringing the 'core to Boston -The importance of the institution of WBCN -Almost being in SSD -The superior "Radio Cart" versions of songs -Being at the Negative FX Riot at the Mission To Burma show -The spectacle that was the only Last Rights show -The burden of nostalgia -Managing the unbelievable talent of Deep Wound (pre Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh) -Vile: the most hated band in Boston. -The victories and regrets of Homestead Records. -Why is Breaking Circus so overlooked? -Taking pride in having put out The Frogs. -Conflict Zine: pride and shame -The wisdom of the "asshole record store clerk" - Patrick Amory's Too Fun Too Huge -The perils of ridding in van's with Keith Morris in the early 80's