The Grill Team - Ed's Christmas Crackers

Dec 12, 2014, 02:04 AM

At this time of year some people decide to release Christmas Albums, singing all your favourite Christmas hits, but not us! Ed Kavalee has decided to do a different type of album, with some of our regular "guests" and "friends" of the show - Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! • Clive Palmer tries to get Foo Fighters tickets • Rosalie Corby hounds Gorden Tallis by leaving voicemails • Rosalie Corby leaves more voicemails for Gordie • Tony Abbott has his own sex call hotline • Rosalie Corby gives an update on Schapelle Corby • Marto moonlights as a night time DJ – Rock Monster • Bob from Carindale calls in and complains about old drivers • Marto the Rock Monster in the 1980s • Vote 1 - Hanson and Lambie • One Direction fans melt down and Nickelback announce an Australian tour • Channel 7 helicopter chases a car, but not without a shameless plug • Clive Palmer’s Commonwealth Games promotion #ClivePalmer #ShapelleCorby #Putin #VladamirPutin #PalmerUnited #RockMonster #Channel7 #CommonwealthGames