Episode 99 - Ethane (part 1)

Dec 14, 2014, 03:31 PM

This episode was recorded in Brno. It features an interview with my English friend Ethan (at the time of the recording slightly under the weather) who has come to live to the Czech Republic for a term as a part of his university programme. I ask him about his experiences living here, about the encounters with Czechs. Ethan explains what it is like to study Czech and tries to compare his university city Bristol to Brno. He also foreshadows what we will talk about in the second part of this interview - his music and gigs. Ethan happens to be a DJ - Ethane, which should well explain the name of this episode. While recording this edition, I was on an idiom spree which does not always happen, and because Ethan also naturally uses loads of fixed phrases himself, the result is that this episode is full of idiomatic language. Besides English, we also speak a bit Czech and also Russian but don't worry it is non-impeding to the whole interview. There is also a short introduction to this episode located at the beginning in which I try to once again elucidate the rules of the competition which I am launching to celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast.