Episode 6 - Steven McDonald (OFF!)

Dec 17, 2014, 07:46 PM

This week Damian sits down with his good friend Steven McDonald from OFF! and Red Kross, for a conversation that was so good that they had to record it twice! Steven is the definition of a lifer, having started playing in punk bands at the age of 11 in 1978. He shares amazing and legitimately terrifying stories from hardcore’s formative days. Sit back and enjoy this EPIC 2+ HOUR hang out!!!! Plus, behind the scenes of their VICE-20 Hardcore bands.

Also covered in this episode: - Steven's genuine curiosity about Damian having been “straight edge” - The two's evening spent getting to become "Cro-Mags Adjacent" - Seeing Patti Smith as a child - Being cousins of the Allycats - McDonald's and husky kids - How the Dickies "10" White Dickie" kills Junior High School popularity.
- The A&R skills of Greg Ginn - "Little kid band" beef with Mad Society? - The Germs being THE band. - Rollins: the prototypical hardcore kid - An impassioned debate on downloading - Record stores as laxatives